Android 14 Beta 4 includes ‘auto-confirm unlock’ feature, fixes & more


‘Auto-confirm unlock’, repairs, and more are included in Android 14 Beta 4.

The ‘auto-confirm unlock’ feature, numerous fixes, enhanced system efficiency, and much more are all part of the Android 14 Beta 4 update that Google has made available. The tech giant published Android 14 Beta 4 on Tuesday, and the release notes included a list of the concerns that were corrected and recognised. According to the manufacturer, Android 14 “includes behaviour changes to help improve performance, battery life, security, and privacy.”

An ‘auto-confirm’ function, which automatically unlocks users’ phones when they input the PIN properly, is part of the new update, Android researcher Mishaal Rahman revealed on Twitter. To enable this, however, the PIN must be 6 digits or longer. Rahman added that the update adds new options for default profile pictures.

From Settings > System > Keyboard to Settings > System > Languages, the ‘Speech’ settings have been moved. The Android researcher also claims that users can view their phone’s manufacturing year by going to Settings > About phone > Model. “In Android 14, the ‘ring volume’ and ‘notification volume’ sliders have been entirely split apart, and there is no way to bring them back together. The separation was managed via a DeviceConfig flag in earlier betas, but that flag is no longer in use,” he continued.

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