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Anna Canteens To Change The Fate Of TDP?

As the elections are approaching and there is less than one year to the D-day, the TDP camp is on the mission of impressing the voters. It has readied the first weapon in the name of Anna Canteens.

Be it inspired from the infamous Amma Canteens from the Tamil Nadu of his own decision, the AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu proposed the idea of launching Anna Canteens in the name of TDP founder NTR. First, he launched the food thrice a day including breakfast only for the Government employees and declared that he would place canteens in every important towns and city in AP. Now the AP Government has opened 100 Anna Canteens across the AP to have the initial feedback. Its been two days since the launch and guess what, the low class and middle class are going gaga over these canteens. Just for five rupees, they can buy food and have a lovely meal completely. The quality is good and the taste is decent according to the people who visited and had their meal. Currently, the Anna Canteens are offering food for anyone who walks in thrice a day including breakfast.

The AP CM declared that he is getting a phenomenal response for the Anna Canteens all over. He promised to continue these unlimited even though it is an expensive thing for the State Government. If he stands on his words and conducts real-time monitoring of the food delivered along with its quality and hygienist, then these would bring unmatched support from voters. Majority of the voters belong to middle class and they would certainly vote for TDP if they get satisfied with Anna Canteens.

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