Karnataka Elections Today: AP Leaders Are Curious:

AP Leaders Are Curious In Karnataka Elections 

AP Leaders Are Curious In Karnataka Elections 

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The most hyped General Elections of BJP lead Karnataka is going to get commenced in a few hours today. Along with the Kannadigas, the two Telugu States have set their eyes on the D-day.The elections of Karnataka have become the most discussed point in the Nation of India. The reason is that the Central party BJP which has a huge vote bank is trying to conquer the Karnataka completely in their mission to South India. On the flip side, Janatha Dal and Congress are trying hard to limit BJP to the Opposition in order to wipe out from the Centre starting from their state.

Along with Karnataka, other anti-BJP States are curious on these elections as the results will impact in the upcoming Parliament elections. Especially the State of Andhra Pradesh which is sick and tired of BJP ruling wants to see BJP losing in the elections. Because the AP BJP cadre has started to showcase their overconfidence by sending feelers into the people. According to BJP leaders, BJP will win Karnataka and then AP in 2019 as well to hoist the saffron flag in Southern India.Not stopping there, they are trying to blackmail the TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu by declaring that the BJP lead AP Government will put Babu behind the bars.

Some Telangana BJP leaders dared to blackmail the TRS Chief to eradicate the party completely from Telangana. They were very disturbed by KCR’s Federal Front thing and their next target is KCR after Babu. So the people of two Telugu States are so desperately waiting for the results day which is on 15th of May. Karnataka’s results are now celebrated as the results of Indian Prime Minister elections. Many wish to see Amit Shah’s losing face in this battle.

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