Urgent Appeal for Environmental Protection: KT Rama Rao’s Plea


KT Rama Rao Urges Reconsideration of Decision to Hand Over Forest Lands

BRS working president KT Rama Rao has called upon the State government to review its decision regarding the allocation of Damagundam forest lands near Ananthagiri Hills to the Indian Navy. Expressing concern over the potential environmental impact, he emphasized the need to safeguard the interests of future generations in Telangana.

Environmental Concerns Raised Over Allocation of Damagundam Forest Lands

In response to reports regarding the allocation of Damagundam forest lands for the establishment of a Very Low Frequency (VLF) radar station by the Indian Navy, KT Rama Rao highlighted the detrimental effects on the region’s biodiversity and ecological balance. He stressed the importance of reconsidering the decision to prevent irreversible damage to the environment.

Opposition Mounts Against Handover of Damagundam Forest Lands

Former Minister KT Rama Rao voiced opposition to the State government’s decision to allocate Damagundam forest lands for the VLF radar station project. Expressing dismay over the potential loss of 12 lakh trees and destruction of the region’s biodiversity, he urged authorities to rethink their approach in order to protect the interests of future generations.

Concerns Raised Over Environmental Impact of Radar Station Project

KT Rama Rao expressed concerns over the environmental repercussions of allocating Damagundam forest lands for the establishment of a VLF radar station. Calling attention to the adverse effects on the ecosystem and River Musi’s origins, he urged the State government to reconsider its decision and prioritize environmental conservation.


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