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Army Dog Wins Highest Gallantry Award

Army Dog Wins Highest Gallantry Award

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Mali, a military dog won highest gallantry award on Friday for continuing his duties, despite being severely injured in grenade blasts in Afghanistan in the year 2012. ‘The dog’s efforts helped British troops detect explosives and trace Taliban Militants, and almost died saving many lives of British soldiers’, stated the organization that awarded him.

The dog is a Belgian Malinois received the Dickin Medal, is an eight-year-old is considered the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, the UK’s top award for military heroics.

Mali’s talent during one such operation was crucial and it helped the UK forces and its allies secure a key enemy stronghold amid sustained fire, said PDSA in a press release. During an operation, Mali got seriously injured facing three grenade blasts.

He suffered major injuries to his legs and chest, another last detonated close to his face leading to loss of Mali’s front tooth and also damaged his right ear. But his injuries did not deviate him from performing his duties and he pushed ahead and remained close to his handler. It’s indeed an act of bravery. Way to go Mali!

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