Artificial Intelligence: Will it be replaced by Humans?


There have been various stories lately which demand that a significant portion of the human workforce will be succeeded by robots and machines in the times to come. With extreme analysis and development being carried in the area of artificial intelligence, many worries that a superior job crisis will release considering various jobs are more precisely and efficiently achieved with the utilization of machines. With significant celebs like Stephen Hawking previously warned the atmosphere that the progress of robots and intelligent machines away a particular detail could indicate the conclusion of humankind, the threatening is real, to say the most trivial. But is it all correct? Is it possible for the machines to completely replace human resources? Are humans not going to find any job in upcoming decades, where every task is performed by the automatons and intelligent machines? I do not believe so. My theory is that a mechanism will eternally leave to simply substitute a human being in many situations.

It has been alleged that at most limited 5 million jobs will be displaced by intelligent devices by the year 2020. I do concur with this but persist in my idea that it is attached to difficult for an automaton to effectively restore the human information. I hold a strong conviction that there is a broad spectrum of jobs that can’t be achieved without human ability. As lengthy as artificial intelligence has not developed to a period of forming machines that can socialize, fight, conceive, modify, and acknowledge specifically in a way as a human can, it is not feasible for such intelligent machines to effectively displace the human stock.

Having said that, there is no argument over the fact that there are certain events in which the utilization of a robot can turn out to be much more efficient when compared to a human being. Whether in assembly lines or first responder situations, machines can certainly help a great deal in automating the process while boosting efficiency. However, it is imperative to state that it is the human finesse that controls, operates, and direct the use of such a technology. Be it any kind of an industry that makes extensive use of artificial intelligence, human input, human interaction, and human judgment can still not be replaced by the capabilities of an artificially intelligent machine.

I notice it secure to assume that in the years to come, robots are not going to substitute the human source and obtain all of the responsibilities which are currently being implemented by human beings. What can be required is a workforce that is a mixture of human beings and intelligent devices. The workload in the expectation will be managed much more efficiently and accurately with the utilization of an interplay among the human and the robot. We are directed towards the presence of humans and robots who will be pulling collectively more intimately than eternally.

If the use of machines can serve to make our existence smarter and safer, no reluctance in embracing the introduction of such machines in the workplace should exist. The M project originated by Facebook is possibly one of the greatest models that emphasize such a seamless communication of humankind and intelligent devices. The project blends humans and robots in such a way that the end-user can’t identify whether they are communicating with a machine or a live person.

While artificial intelligence is already taking the world by storm, there certainly are limitations that prevent its dominance over humankind. In light of the information mentioned above, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that while intelligent machines can be relied upon when it comes to making logical and rational decisions that are primarily based on facts, there are other aspects of life which can’t be imitated by the machines. Aspects that have a major role to play in all sorts of business, aspects related to feelings, emotions, sentiments, moods, teaching, judgments, etc. can never be imitated by artificial intelligence. Such aspects can essentially be considered as a human prerogative. In other words, if it gets to make the extremely difficult assignments, robots neglect to accommodate the versatility and creativity to discover a clarification and that is a significant barrier to the application of artificial intelligence.

In outcome, while the utilization of Artificial Intelligence will certainly make living more comfortable for humankind in the times to evolve and even push humans to develop their ability attitudes, it will possibly never be desirable for the before-mentioned devices to effectively reinstate the human source. Humankind, the producer of the devices, will constantly be in command of managing, manipulating and dominating the application of this technology. The human interplay and human information will never be made antiquated because of such devices. A compound of human and machine workforce is simply going to obtain all of the methods more effective and reliable in a provided workplace.


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