Babu Sensational Allegations On YS… Bullet Points

Babu Sensational Allegations On YS

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babu sensational allegations on ysBabu Sensational Allegations On YS… Bullet Points

  • Lands to Press and media people in Amravati.
  • We give triple bedroom houses for journalists.
  • Working on where to give places to Journalists.
  • We will give places to villagers who work in the district along with the capital.
  • Polavaram comes to an extent in three months.
  • YSR participated in the Alipiri incident.
  • Ganga Reddy offered cell phones and money to Naxals.
  • YS also participated in the protest because he feared his name would come out.
  • YS repeatedly called Gundered Reddy when he was in Ekasabhya single commission.
  • Even after YSR became CM, He wants to go to Ganga Reddi’s home.
  • Everybody suggested to YS that going smuggler’s home was not good.
  • They met in a function in Gangi Reddy village.
  • Central security staff for me were not accommodated by YS for one year.
  • Our personality is revealed in regulating anger and suffering.
  • There was a lot of anger and sorrow for Paritala Ravi’s murder.
  • Anger or sorrow i did not spoke any bad words.
  • As long as YS was there, he does not let Jagan stay in Hyderabad.


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