Bad content has been removed by Meta around 25 mn in the July month in India


Meta said that it removed around 25 mn of data in the july month regarding 13 policies for facebook and 2 mn data removed as 12 policies for instagram. according to IT rules.

In the month of July between 1- 31, Meta got the 626 reports by the indian grievance mechanism, Then it was replayed wth 100 percent of those reports.

“for those incoming reports, we given tools to users to clear their problems in 603 cases,” The company issued.

In Total of 23 documents where the important review has needed, Meta said it has reviewed text as per its rules, taken action 9 reports on total.

Whereas in case of instagram, by Indian grievance mechanism,1033 documents has got and then firm responded to all those reports.

945 cases has been resolved for the users by providing tools from all of the recived reports.

According to 2021 IT rules, Big digital social media platforms need to publish monthly reports.

“If the content in the post or video or other type of content against our rules, We will take an action in that perticular post or other type,” meta said.


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