Balayya’s Palle Nidra Activities In Discussions

Balakrishna Palle Nidra in Hindupur

Likewise his father NTR, Balayya is desperate to prove his leadership skills by doing something which appeared odd to the common people. His new acts in his own constituency became the talk of AP Political circles.Balayya got the privilege to enter the active Politics for many obvious reasons. Without much hard work, he chose the safe place Hindupur as his battleground and won with much ease. Becoming an MLA with his very first attempt, this hero turned politician tried his best to serve his constituency whenever he gets free time between movies.

Keeping their admiration aside, many of the Hindupur voters are not happy the way Balayya ruled their town as he didn’t reach their expectations of being a leader. To compensate this negative vibe and also to start the election campaign for the upcoming elections, Balayya started his own style of promotions.In the name of Palle Nidra, he is interacting with the villagers which come under his constituency every now and then. During the daytime, Balayya is spending the time with the common people and collecting their problems.

At night, he chose to stay in common government places to sleep. The other day, he ate dinner with SC Community people and slept there like a common man. He seemed to be repeating his father NTR and Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan in living close to the people. Some hail their leader for leaving comforts to serve the Public whereas some declare that he is just doing publicity stunts for political mileage.


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