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Balakrishna slapped a fan

Nandamuri Balakrishna has once again assaulted a fan. In 2017, Nandamuri Balakrishna made headlines after he slapped a fan, who reportedly tried to take a selfie with him. Later Balayya Babu was once again caught red-handed hitting another fan during an election campaign in Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh.

It looks like the Lion and Paisa Vasool fame actor is on a slapping spree. Recently Balakrishna was yet again caught on camera slapping a young man who irked him unintentionally. Soon after the video went viral on the Internet, the man, whom the TDP leader slapped at least twice, has ‘clarified’ that he is a die-hard of Balakrishna and is honored to be touched by him.

The video shows that Balakrishna is losing his temper when a fan decides to click his picture. The angered star Balakrishna slapped him twice in return, forcing him to delete the photograph too. Later the fan apologized and shared the video on the social media, by saying, “Balakrishna was tired from campaigning and lost his temper. I feel lucky to be slapped by Balakrishna. He touched me and I feel blessed, I will forever be his fan.”

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