Balayya to look ‘decade younger’ in Jayasimha?

Balayya to look ‘decade younger’ in Jayasimha

Balayya to look ‘decade younger’ in Jayasimha?

Posted December 1, 2017, 7:09 pm at 19:09 

Nandamuri Balakrishna last film ‘Paisavasool’ has disappointed his fans greatly. The film turned out to be a disaster and was voted as one of the worst films in Balakrishna’s film career. Without letting the failure of ‘Paisavasool’ to come in his way, the Nandamuri hero started shooting his latest film ‘Jayasimha’. The film is being directed by Tamil Director KS Ravi Kumar who is well known for his films Arunachalam, Sneham Kosam, and Linga.

It is reported that the Nandamuri fans and trade analysts have no ‘hopes or expectations’ on this film. ‘The director has a bad track record recently. Even Balakrishna faced a disaster in the form of Paisavasool. Don’t know why Balakrishna agreed for the movie,’ said a trade analyst recently.balakrishna-jai-simha-lates

But the film’s unit is trying desperately to raise the expectations and hype of the film. The first look that was launched couple days ago seemed ‘OK’.

But the Title poster released recently is creating hype around the film. Many Nandamuri fans opinionated that Balakrishna is looking 10 years younger in the title poster, and the film would stand out as a sure-shot hit. Nayantara is acting opposite Balakrishna as the heroine.

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