It looks like BCCI is digging its own grave!


It looks like BCCI is digging its own grave!

If BCCI continues its refusal of Indian Cricketers complying with global drug testing norms, even other sports in the nation are likely to face the wrath of WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency. In a recent report, WADA stated that ‘NADA – National Ant-Doping Agency’ could lose its accreditation with WADA if it doesn’t ensure Indian cricketers in complying with global drug testing standard. This would not only affect the Indian sports community’s fight against doping but can also restrict national sports personnel fro participating in global events.

WADA asked the ICC (International Cricket Council) to direct the BCCI to allow drug-testing for Indian cricketers. If BCCI continues its adamant nature and skips global norms and standards, WADA would surely cancel NADA’s accreditation with it.

When WADA conducted an audit report on NADA’s anti-doping program, the world body has identified that BCCI doesn’t recognize NADA or permits any other investigation agency to carry out tests on behalf of WADA.

The sports minister Pajyavardhm Singh Rathore has been intimated about the same by WADA, and the minister has readily asked Injeti Srinivas to take up the matter with BCCI officials!

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