Indigo Necks-Out Passenger who Complained About Mosquitos In The Fligh


Bengaluru Doctor Complained About Mosquitoes 

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Indigo Airlines has been trending in the news for the past few months for all wrong reasons. Adding to its woes, the latest incident could well spark a huge controversy, given the fact that, social media can up the attack. In the latest incident, Indigo Airlines has reportedly got a passenger to disembark the plane after he complained about ‘mosquitoes’ in the cabin. The passenger, Sourabh Rai was scheduled to travel in the 6E 541 flight from Lucknow to Bengaluru.

With the cabin crew turning a deaf ear to the passenger, Sourabh Rai tried to gather the support of co-passengers so that he can grab the attention of the cabin crew. On seeing this, the cabin crew called for the airport security and got Sourabh Rai off the plane.

As soon as the news went online, Indigo started facing a severe backlash. Trying to prevent further damage, the airlines issued a statement stating that, ‘the respective passenger started abusing the cabin crew in unparliamentary language. He warned that he would hijack the plane, and started to damage the chairs and other property. At the same time, he is also inciting other passengers to damage the aircraft. We had no option other than getting him off the plane.We deeply regret any inconvenience caused by us to Sourabh Rai. Once the passengers disembark the plane, we will spray the mosquito repellent’.

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