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Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram Movie Review & Rating – Telugu Bullet

Cast: Naveed, Kerintha Nookaraju (Parvateesam) & Yamini Bhaskar
Concept: Maruthi
Director: Murali Krishna
Music: Hari Gowra
Producer: Sathish Kumar

Kerintha Nookaraju’s another comedy flick, one more thriller from Maruthi, i.e, Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram. The trailer created a good buzz and the most of the people go for Parvatheesam comedy because we have seen his comedy timing in previous movies. Moreover, Yamini Bhaskar is turned as full-length heroine with this film and hero Naveed made his debut with this film. Thus, on October 5th, today, the movie is releasing. So, let’s make an eye on this…

Movie Plot:

Pardhu (Naveed), Saleem (Kerintha Nookaraju) are the friends and they work as driver and delivery boy respectively. However, An ex-army man (Raja Ravindra) writes a diary about Indian Army secrets and he stores it in a secret place. But, unexpectedly, the diary goes to Pardhu & Saleem’s hands. Actually, they are craving for money so they want to sell that to Pakistan. So, they are trying to find out the right person. Finally, how they find out the right person? Do they sell the diary? What situations did they face in that journey? The big screen is waiting to reveal those elements…


The storyline is very good by Maruthi, as like that, Murali Krishna directions also good. His taking of the is too good and the comedy scenes are marvellous. The unique concept journey with the hilarious screenplay is a fabulous combination. Murali did it well by using Kerintha Nookaraju and Naveed. The characterizations are good and the view of a person is projected in this movie. The patriotism also showed in a respective mode. Actually, the trailer tells the base story of the movie but the movie tells the travelling of the concept.

Albeit, director Murali Krishna succeded in that to make it in an interesting way. The only complaint is that the director can put more interest in the screenplay. Because the present screenplay is good with comedy tracks but may do it in a better way for more effectiveness. Then, the intensity of the movie will go into the next levels. Whatever, the current one is good with those hilarious tracks. The songs come in the right situations and cinematography is also superb.

Come to the performances, Raja Ravindra is the biggest asset of this movie and he did a tremendous job. As well as, Kerintha Nookaraju is the main attraction of this movie and he again did his mark acting with his excellent comedy timing. As like that, hero Naveed and heroine Yamini Bhaskar are looking good and did well. Also, Mujtaba Ali Khan performance is also good as the villain and other artists also did their level best.

Telugu Bullet Punchline – Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram… Entertainment at TITLE

Telugu Bullet Rating – 2.5/5


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