Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan loses his cool on Rakhi’s antics


Bigg Boss host Salman Khan is irked with the antics of Rakhi Sawant in the ongoing season 14 of the show and has asked her to leave the show if she cannot stay within limits.
In the latest promo of the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman is seen lashing out at Rakhi for losing control of her language and saying mean things to contestants. He is so angry that he simply refuses to even listen to Rakhi’s justifications.

The latest promo shows Salman scolding the housemates for their behavior. In the clip, he also asks Rakhi to go into the theatre so that he could talk to her.

During their conversation, Salman tells Rakhi that he has always supported her, and then goes on to criticize her for crossing her line in the name of providing entertainment. He declares the show doesn’t need the type of entertainment she is engaging in.

“Logo pe lanchan lagati ho, unke character pe sawal uthati ho (You accuse people, question their characters),” Salman says.

Rakhi starts to explain herself, saying: “Bolna sahi nahi hai sir, but (It is wrong to state, but)…”

Salman stops her midway, and angrily continues: “Maine humesha support kiya, agar ye entertainment hai toh humko entertainment nahi chahiye. Agar aap apne aapko line cross karne se nahi rok sakti toh aap is waqt ye show chor kar jaa sakti hain. Please darwaza khol dijiye (I have always supported you. If this is entertainment, we do not need it. If you cannot stop yourself from crossing the line, you may simply walk out of the house right now),” he said.

In the promo, the superstar host is seen getting angry at others in the house, too, slamming them for belittling someone’s emotion and outburst as a way to create “content” and seek “footage”.

He says: “Ye kyu sunayi deta hai is season ke andar ki content ke liye kar rahe ho. Kya mai ye content ke liye kar raha hu? Bhad me gaya content! Jo harkatein ho rahi hai ghar ke andar, aap log bol rahe hain aur wahi humlog dikha rahe hain (why do we hear that you are doing this for content? Am I doing this for content? Let content go to hell. We show what you guys do and say in the house).”


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