Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote Results: Shobha Shetty Eliminated


The Bigg Boss 7 Telugu vote results for this week have been leaked, revealing some surprising developments. Pallavi Prashanth has emerged as the frontrunner, garnering the most votes, followed by Shivaji, Gautam Krishna, Arjun Ambati, and Priyanka Jain. Prince Yawar and Shobha Shetty find themselves at the bottom of the poll, with Shobha Shetty reportedly being eliminated this week.

Pallavi Prashanth’s position at the top of the voting list raises questions about whether he will use the Power Astra to save Shobha Shetty or preserve it for future use. The ‘Finale Astra’ has injected new twists into the game, with Arjun Ambati defeating Amardeep Chaudhary in the challenge. While winning the ‘Finale Astra’ typically grants a contestant a direct spot in the finale, this season’s twist leaves Arjun’s fate uncertain.

Arjun’s nomination this week means his ‘Finale Astra’ immunity will only come into effect if he survives elimination. If he is eliminated, the ‘Finale Astra’ becomes null and void. The weekend episode will reveal Arjun’s fate and whether he has secured his place in the finale.

The seventh season of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu has captivated audiences with its unique challenges and unpredictable twists. The leaked voting results and the uncertainty surrounding Arjun’s position promise an exciting weekend episode filled with drama and surprises.

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