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Bigg Boss Telugu season 4: Abhijeet Jailed

In Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 last episode, Sohel, and Akhil were played well, but Sohel gave up the game for Akhil.

Abhijeet has spoken to Harika about Akhil. The contestants played well in the promotional task. He revealed his childhood crushes. Abhijeet said, if isha who was a childhood crush, gives chance, I will be reconnecting with that girl.

So far in the big boss Telugu Season 4 House, All The contestants had to rank themselves based on their performance. Then, Sohel gave to justify why he deserves in the house. Ariyan has given an explanation about why she wants to be in the first position as well as Avinash also shared his explanation of why he wants to be in the second position.

Abhijeet shared about why the sixth position occupied. while Harika has given why she wanted the second position, while Monal believed she deserves the third position. However, Sohel has declared as the best performer, while Abijith was jailed as the worst performer in the house.


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