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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5: Lahari Shari Eliminated from The House in 3rd Week.

The worlds biggest reality show bigg boss season 5 has came into the 3rd week elimination. In the house, contesnts are trying to connect to each other, apart from the games and fights . let’s see what happend in the house bfore elimination of 3rd contestant.

From the both teams, two players has to come and sit face to each other. then one person has to presss the buzzer when music stops to complete the lyrics. The winner has to choose  from the house mates and dance to that particular song

The elimination contestants Maanas, Lahari Shari and Priya were called to middle, after fun musical fun task. They were handed a car steering wheel and they keep it to hear crash sound. The contestant Maanas was safe at that time.

In the living room, two contestents from the same team has blindfolded. one person has to touch the one item and discribe the item and other one has to findout what it is. Jaswanth being the house captain had to direct the game in that perticular task where he was not participated.

Nominated contestants priya and Lahari came front screen of nagarjun. Nagarjuna had play the game with glow torches with red color on his hand with the names of Priya and Lahari and then the tourch show green light on priya name, she was safe, Then Lahari has to eliminated form the house.

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