Birthday..! Just It Is A Day, That’s All – Amitabh Ji #Interview

Amitabh Bachchan and he crossed

October 11 is the birthday of Amitabh Bachchan and he crossed 76. So, an English media has taken his interview and he spoke about his perceptions and MeToo movement, and Thugs of Hindostan movie.

Big B Interview:

Why You don’t like Birthdays?
Unnecessary Rushes. Birthday is just a day in a human life. What the biggest thing about that?

In your opinion, how would celebrate the birthday?
Far from the popularity and attention. But, I wish to enjoy with my family, especially with my grandchildren.

What are your words about ‘MeToo’ movement?
Women should not face sexual assaults; especially, in the working area. The accuses should be punished when the incidents happen. Already, our society treats women and kids as weak persons. So should provide the protection. In our country, most of the women are facing harassment in working areas. Really, it disturbs the heart. If the respect and protection shouldn’t be given to them, then definitely, our country will have the remark.

You sacrificed your life for others. So, have you feel that ‘it is enough, I will live for myself’..?
Why would I feel like that? No human is there to live for others. If I feel that ‘It is enough’ as an artist, my berth will be weakened. My achievement all would be wasted.

Do you have any desperate dreams?
As an actor, many of my dreams have remained. It is a challenge that I improve myself daily by knowing my bounds. As said as a musician, I want to learn how to play the new musical instruments. Music equals god for me.

Audiences are eagerly waiting for your ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ movie. What is your acting experience about the makeup and action sequences?
Yes, Makeup action scenes are very tough. But, which job would be easy? In cinema, makeup time is nearly 4 hours and 1 and hour more for removing the makeup. Albeit, if we decided to make the movie with a commitment, should follow the instructions of the director. I felt that I have done my job like that.

If you ‘Deewar’ movie would be remade, who are the best actors fr your role and Sashi Kapoor role?
There are many talented actors than us. But, in my motive, it’s good that no one would touch that classic movie and script.


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