BJP And TRS Cold War In Talks


The Telangana caretaking Government TRS is still in dilemma whether to have a pre-poll alliance or post-poll with the Central party BJP for the upcoming Snap Polls. Deep observations of the leading Political analysts suggest strange things about this speculated alliance.

It has been heavily rumored that the TRS Chief KCR is more than happy to team up with the BJP for the upcoming General elections of Telangana and for the Lok Sabha. He personally met Modi and had a long conversation with the Indian PM about many things from Telangana’s funds to possible alliance. However, things have changed within a span of just a couple of months. From dissolving the Government to the latest election campaign of TRS, one thing is clear from the Pink camp that it is going alone for the snap polls.

Modi And KCR
On the flip side, BJP for their own strategies is not showing interest on tieing up with TRS for the KCR’s dual nature in Politics. Until now, analysts expected post-poll alliance for the sake of Lok Sabha elections. But the current scenario reflects TRS’s distance from the Saffron party for the parliamentary elections as well. Going with the latest situation in National Politics, TRS has BJP to support as its rivals have formed Mahakumati already.


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