BJP Leaders Slowly Turning Against Amit Shah


The results of happened elections in the States of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan have awakened the BJP leaders finally. Now they are preparing grounds to dethrone their current Chief Amit Shah from the top position. Amit Shah seemed to be behaving like dictator within the party of BJP according to the plea of some BJP leaders in the Middle Indian States. Leaders like Nitin Gadkari are indirectly fuming over the Modi-Amit’s single-handed decisions without caring the fellow leaders.Now the Sangh Pariwar leaders from the Madhya Pradesh went a step further and declared cold war on Amit Shah.

They are very much irked when Amit Shah blamed them for the losses and took away credits for all the wins.It is true that Amit Shah’s leadership worked wonders in 2014 but the monopolistic nature of Amit Shah followed by the Rafael deal allegations diluted the Saffron party Chief’s image. Now the new mission of Sangh Pariwar is that they want to replace Amit Shah with the former MP CM Shivraj Singh Chowhan so that the former can render his services in the Parliament.One has to wait and see if this internal war within BJP groups would affect Amit Shah or not. Observing the Political changes, Amit Shah should work hard to win in the 2019’s Lok Sabha elections


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