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HomelatestBJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju Misses The Logic!

BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju Misses The Logic!

BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju Misses The Logic

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Just like most of the Tollywood films lack logic, comments made by few politicians not only lack logic but also common sense. Taking the credit to his name is BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju. Chandrababu Naidu’s trip to Delhi is already building enough friction both at the National and State politics.

Speaking about CBN’s Delhi trip, BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju said, ‘Chandrababu’s entry into the Parliament by prostrating to its steps is nothing but prostrating to PM Narendra Modi, the highest authority in the nation’.These comments not only irked the TDP supporters but also common civilians.

How can the MLA compare prostrating to Parliament with Modi? At the same time, Parliament is referred as the ‘Temple of Democracy’. It stays where it is even after 2024 General Elections. Is it the case with the Prime Minister of India? We don’t have Presidential-type of government, where the people directly elect the Leader of the Nation for the MLA to even refer him as the highest authority.Electing the PM of India is more a political decision than anything else. The MLA should revert his comments before they create further damage.

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