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HomelatestBJP To Officially Announce Visakha Railway Zone?

BJP To Officially Announce Visakha Railway Zone?

BJP Mp Haribabu Announced Visakha Railway Zone

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The Central Party is expressing its smart strategies to win back the trust of AP people. Latest update from the AP BJP camp hints its first important step to conquering power in the state of AP.If we could recollect a thought-provoking scene in Sekhar Kammula’s Leader movie, a dialogue of senior actor Gollapudi Maruthi Rao make us realize how the Governments are betraying the voters. Gollapudi’s character explains that leaders would make sure that voters won’t get the rice such that if they give it for free or cheap, the same voters consider their leaders as Demi-Gods.

The same thing is going to get repeated in the State of AP. Post the bifurcation, BJP made many promises in the witness of Godly Parliament like Special Category Status, Polavaram project funding, Special Railway Zone for Visakhapatnam, Steel Plant in Kadapa and many others.All these days, the Centre maintained tight lips when the local leaders pleaded for the things what we completely and rightfully deserve. All these four years, the BJP tested the patience of Andraites and now it is passing indirect announcements via their local MLAs.

Former AP- BJP President cum MLA Hari Babu on the other day declared that the Centre has responded positively on Vizag Special Railway Zone. Citing the technical problems as reasons, Hari Babu claimed that the Centre would officially announce good news very soon. However, he stated that the zone limits and boundaries are yet to get finalized. On the same note, he declared that in the happened high-level meeting, BJP heads are also happy to give Steel Plant to Kadapa.

Frustrated TDP leaders question the sincerity of BJP for not helping Andhra Pradesh. Some leaders state that Railway Zone is our right and BJP are not doing any favor by granting it. They declare that the Centre has intentionally kept quiet all these 4 years of alliance and announcing now in order to project TDP as a villain to AP.

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