BJP vs Congress Social War – 100,000 Allegations Per Hour!

BJP Takes Social Media Campaign War To Congress

BJP Takes Social Media Campaign War To Congress

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The BJP vs Congress elections fight has gone to a new level on social media. According to official sources, the BJP and Congress party are making allegations against each other on social media platforms. Currently, both the parties have deployed war teams in Bengaluru.

According to the credible sources, BJP is already working with 2 War Rooms comprising of IIM Students, Lawyers, and Journalists. 30 members are working in sync in each War room.

At the same time, even the Congress party is hosting its own war room. With 25 members working in the war room, the Karnataka Congress party is making sure that it is not falling behind BJP. With over 27 messages per second, both the parties are exchanging 100,000 messages against each other on social media. Many people opine that, if the parties can show the same kind of enthusiasm in serving the people, India wouldn’t have been a 3rd World Country.

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