Monday, May 23, 2022
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BJP To Replace YSRCP In The AP Assembly

The Winter sessions for the AP Assembly is going to get commence from 6th of September and will last for a good ten days. On this regard, an interesting talk is going on among the AP Political circles regarding the Opposition to TDP.The ruling party of AP has only one Opposition group, that is the YSRCP. Fortunately or the other way, YSRCP has boycotted the Assembly sessions forever and they are in no mood to return to any of the future sessions. Without dialogue and debate between Position and Opposition, Assembly sessions will be one sided. However to replace the YSRCP and to turn on the heat, the Central Party BJP has come forward. Their three MLAs are going to be the apparent Opposition of TDP for the upcoming Assembly sessions.AP AssemblyLooking at the recent developments, TDP is considering BJP as its enemy post the exit from NDA alliance. Not even a couple of days earlier, AP BJP leaders met the AP Governor Narasimhan and complained about AP Government’s corruption practices. The environment between these two ex friends TDP and BJP has heated up and they are ready to cross swords at each other. There are only three MLAs from the AP BJP cadre and these three would take on the ruling party and their mistakes. Political lovers say that BJP is well prepared to attack its new rival TDP and allege it with many accusations. All are eagerly waiting for these sessions to see some drama.

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