BlackBerry Inaugurates IoT Center of Excellence in Hyderabad


BlackBerry Limited inaugurated the state-of-the-art ‘BlackBerry IoT Center of Excellence, Engineering, and Innovation’ in Hyderabad, focusing on advancing mission-critical embedded software development for IoT industries. The facility, now fully operational, serves as the Asia Pacific hub for the BlackBerry QNX global developer network, attracting top software engineers from across India.

Established to address the growing demand for embedded software solutions, the BlackBerry IoT CoE in Hyderabad offers new career opportunities for talented individuals interested in shaping the future of software-defined vehicles (SDVs), medical technology, industrial control systems, and robotics. With Hyderabad chosen for its talent pool and supportive policies, the center aims to expand its team and reinforce BlackBerry’s commitment to serving customers worldwide.

This initiative marks a significant milestone for BlackBerry IoT, focusing on enhancing software-designed manufacturing, providing access to development tools, and upskilling IoT engineers. The center’s efforts include the release of QNX Software Development Platform (SDP) 8.0 and QNX sound, along with the upcoming QNX Everywhere initiative, aimed at democratizing access to QNX development tools to foster skilled embedded systems developers in India and beyond.


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