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Bommai asks US Kannadigas to promote state’s pro-industrial policy

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Saturday urged Kannadigas settled in the US to spread a good word about the state’s pro-industrial policy.

Speaking virtually after inaugurating Kannada Rajyotsava organised by Association of Kannada Kootas of America (AKKA), he said all Kannnadigas settled in US are ambassadors of the state.

“Kannadigas in US must educate natives on pro-industrial policies, existing facilities and convince them to invest in Karnataka. Our government will extend all support and cooperation,” he said.

He also advised them to organise and help Kannadigas to get top posts in the US.

He maintained that, besides Hindi language, among other dialects, Kannada language is the most ancient.

“It is older than Tamil language and Classical status has been awarded accordingly,” Bommai said.

He pointed out that his government is formulating a policy towards ensuring jobs in the state for local people in private industries. Attempts were made earlier but the policies were not effective.

“We are coming up with resulted oriented policy in this regard,” he announced.

AKKA is a non-profit educational, linguistic, cultural organisation formed in February 1998, under Non Profit Corporation Act of the state of Florida, to integrate, coordinate, network and unite the activities of all Kannadigas and Kannada Kootas for promotion and preservation of Kannada language and culture in North America.

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