Boycott China and stop trade with it: Kejriwal


It is the duty of every Indian to boycott China and all trade with the country should be stopped, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said here on Wednesday.

The Chief Minister was addressing the Republic Day celebrations of the Delhi government.

“Today, when we are celebrating the 74th Republic Day, two things are very important. China has been eyeing our borders for quite some time. Our soldiers are fighting bravely on the border. While the government is duty-bound to support them, it is our duty to boycott China and stop trade with it”, he said.

“But unfortunately, we are continuously increasing our trade and making China richer. With that money, the country is preparing dangerous weapons. We buy commodities like shoes, slippers, spectacles, and mattresses from China. Do we really need to buy these from the country? All these are being manufactured in our country as well. If we increase our production, employment will also increase. Crores of youth will get employment and China will learn a lesson”, Chief Minister Kejriwal stated.

On the ongoing tussle between the AAP government and L-G V.K. Saxena, Kejriwal said that the public is supreme in democracy and the government will do what the public wants. “There is a state where the people’s government has passed laws but one man is stopping them. Should anyone have the right to stop the law of the people, or stop the work of any government? he asked.

“There is a state where the Chief Minister writes to the Governor that the House of the Legislative Assembly has to be called, but the Governor raises questions on this too. Looking at the situation, it seems that a dark shadow is falling over our democracy”, said Kejriwal, adding that democracy is not being followed in some states.

Citing a report, Delhi CM said that the inflation rate is the lowest in Delhi because commodities are the cheapest here. “Electricity water is free. Excellent government school and education in the school is being provided free of cost. Treatment in the hospital is free. Travel for women on pilgrimage and buses are free. That’s why the inflation rate is lowest in Delhi”, he said.

He added that in the last year, GST was imposed on some food items making them expensive. “I hope that the Centre removes the GST on these and give relief to the people groaning under it. GST has been made so complicated that it has left traders worried, Kejriwal said.


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