Scientists Grow Human Eggs In The Laboratory! A great Breakthrough In Fertility!


Breakthrough Scientists Grow Human Eggs In The Lab For First Time

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In what could be perceived as the greatest development in fertility, a group of researchers revealed that human eggs can be developed in the laboratory, from earliest stages to maturity. This could greatly help the women who face the risk of premature fertility loss during pregnancy. This research not only helps in understanding the development of the human embryo but also opens door to fertility preservation of women, undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Previously, to preserve the fertility of young girls and women, their ovarian tissue is taken before and frozen to be implanted later. Thanks to the breakthrough, it helps to extract, grow and use without the need of an ovarian tissue.One of the scientists, who is not a part of this study, said that this technique certainly has some drawbacks. ‘You can end up putting cancer cells along with the embryo. This is a risk, a very big risk’, said the scientist.

Similarly, before this technique could be used in the hospitals and clinics, it would take at least take 6-7 years. As a part of the research, the scientists took ovarian tissues of young girls and women. The eggs will be supplied with nutrients for their growth. Overall, 48 reached the penultimate stage, while nine of them reached full maturity.

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