Breakup Clarity From Rakshith – Don’t Target Rashmika

Breakup Clarity From Rakshith
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Recently, heroine Rashmika Mandanna engagement was canceled. So, the rumors and speculations are circulating on social media. Recently, Rashmika went to Tumakuru Siddhganga Abbot Siva Kumar Swamy for blessings along with her mother Suman Mandanna. So, at that time, Rashika said to the media, “Don’t believe the rumors and speculations about me in this issue. We will announce the reasons behind this later. So, please be calm until then.” Her mother said, “The cancellation of engagement was the truth but because of the personal reasons we have taken this decision.”

rashmika mandanna her mother

So, in the wake of this bad situation, Rakshith Shetty came onto the line. He expressed his words through facebook. He said: “Dear fans, I announced that I quit from social media for some days, because of some personal problems. But, I reopened my facebook to clarify somethings. The recent actions are making me disturb and they increase the differences between me and my loved ones. All of you have different opinions about Rashmika. So, I can’t point out you at all. Because it happened like that.”

Rakshith Shetty

He added “We trust the things, what we see. But, sometimes they will be gone wrong and decide without thinking about the other side. I know Rashmika for 2 years and know more than you. Please, don’t target her and leave her in peace. All the facts will become out and settled properly so don’t believe the speculations. I will open my facebook page to reach all of you and I’ll return back when I need this social media. And, Rashmika was not the reason for my social media quitting. Actually, I’m becoming a social media buff so just for concentrating only on work I quit from it. – Your Rakshith.”

Rashmika was not the reason for my social media quitting


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