An inquiry by a common man puts 1,10,000 crore project on Halt?

Bullet Train Not A Common Man's Dream

An inquiry by a common man puts 1,10,000 crore project on Halt?

After RTI (Right to Information) query revealed that more than 40% of seats in the ‘Mumbai-Ahmedabad’ corridor have gone empty incurring a loss of 30 Crores to the Western Railways in just 3 months. This brings the loss to 10 Crores per month, which is staggering. And interestingly, WR also confirmed that it has no idea of introducing any more new trains in between this corridor which is already red (maxed out).

Anil Galgali, the activist who filed the RTI said that ‘It looks like Mr. Modi Ji has not done enough homework. With already incurring losses at 10 crores per month for the WR, Modi is proposing a 1 Lakh crore Bullet Train project in this corridor. No way could this be feasible.’

Anil further went on to add that, ‘Shatabdi Express which used to run packed on all seasons is incurring heavy losses. Out of 7,505 seats in its Executive Chair class, only 1,469 are booked. While the revenue estimates were 1.45 Crores, it managed to only accumulate 26.41 Lakhs as revenue during the last quarter’.

‘With people preferring air travel and improved road travel, it’s the time for the BJP government and Modi Ji to review the aspect of Bullet train, before it becomes a white elephant on the taxpayers,’ said the RTI activist.

Posted November 1, 2017 at 18:36

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