Telugu Big Boss in Trouble

case against telugu Big Boss

Case against telugu Big Boss

Bigg boss Telugu version is a huge success. This show has got huge response in hindi later it in Tamil and telugu. During the course of the show, Contestants has to face various punishments. Human rights commission raises objection for this and files a case against telugu Big Boss team. Few days ago, Hero Prince was asked to take 50 dips in a swimming pool for failing to make Mumaith Khan speak only in Telugu while being a Captain. On the other hand, A plaster was sticked to Mumaith’s Mouth to ensure she doesn’t speak just because of violation of ‘Telugu Language’ rule repeatedly.

Such a practice would influence younger generation in a wrong way. So, Action must be taken against Bigg Boss,’ says the Petitioner. But the bigg boss says that it’s all in the game and it’s shouldn’t be taken very seriously. A Hyderabad activist has approached the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in Andhra Pradesh accusing Bigg Boss Telugu of human rights violations. He appealed that sticking plaster across the mouth, dipping into swimming pools several times and chopping onions as punishment are considered to be ‘inhuman activities.

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