Wednesday, June 23, 2021
HomelatestCBN Elevating That Minus Point Of Y.S Jagan

CBN Elevating That Minus Point Of Y.S Jagan

One’s weakness is other’s plus, especially when it comes to Politics. Political rivals often try to highlight the minus points of their enemies in order to defame them among the voters. Now the Gold medalist in Political sciences, CBN is using this weapon as his Political missile against his Opposition leader Jagan.Jagan is quite famous for his dictatorship being the party head in YSRCP. This founder of YSR Congress Party is speculated to be making decisions of his own without even consulting his party’s seniors in crucial times. Many of such incidents have been floated in the past couple of years and now the exit of BC leader Vangaveeti Radha became a recent issue within the party. At one side, Radha is claiming that the arrogance of his ex-boss made him walk out of the party, Jagan is projecting as if he gave the limelight to the son of Vangaveeti Ranga.

Now CBN is hitting on this point in his recent meet.The TDP National Chief opined that Jagan is unfit as a party head and a leader as his own party of YSRCP is in ruckus due to the latter’s bossy nature. He tried to highlight Ranga’s exit as a perfect example of Jagan’s arrogance and declared that AP State in such leader’s hands would face a huge crisis.Known for his Political mind games, CBN is quite successful in pointing out Jagan’s weak points which might influence the common voters. On the flip side, Jagan being the leader of Opposition fails to identify the weaknesses of both CBN and his Government by evading the Assembly sessions.

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