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CBN Fumes On KCR-YSRCP Friendship

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu the other day breathed fire on his rival KCR. responding on the whole issue of Data robbery, Babu explained the secret pact of KCR-YSRCP’s agenda and their out of mind behaviour.

It is a known thing that the KCR backed YSRCP leaders stole the data of TDP’s membership base and the case is now in investigation. Like never before, TRS showcased extra interest and YSRCP spokesperson Vijaya Sai Reddy supervised the entire scenario. They tried to remove as many TDP votes as they can but their plan backfired with the interference of Election Commission of India. Babu has now ordered a SIT backed by AP Home Ministry and probing the entire case. The other day, Babu addressed the Press and declared that KCR and YSRCP are trying to downplay Andhra Pradesh by trying to dethrone himself from the power. Babu claim that YS Jagan joined hands with KCR who is backing the prior’s assets in Hyderabad and they want to gain control on AP by winning the elections.

According to Babu, he has right to campaign in Telangana as his party T-TDP used to be active before the snap polls. However, CBN states that TRS has nothing to do with AP and asked KCR to give his best trail in AP elections. Showcasing his strength, Babu declared that he is not scared of KCR as the latter can show zero influence on AP Politics. Last but not least, CBN compared KCR-Jagan friendship drama is more evil than the Bahubali politics.

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