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HomelatestCBN Sorting Things With Angry Ganta Regarding ABN Survey

CBN Sorting Things With Angry Ganta Regarding ABN Survey

The TDP Chief is facing unexpected hurdles from some of his Minister from some allies these days. An internal news regarding TDP’s inner circles broke out and it has become the talk of Political circles.Recently, one of the best-supporting media of TDP, ABN has released the results of its survey which set a major dispute within the Yellow camp. The survey stated that out of 175 constituencies in AP, more than 112 will be bagged by TDP with ease and grace but the same media house declared that some of the Ministers would lose at any cost.

This included the Minister of Human Resources Ganta Srinivasa Rao. Ganta who became furious and got hurt with this survey went mad at the TDP Chief and the media conclude that nothing will be done without the hand of CBN in ABN. Keeping this in mind, Ganta showed his reluctance by skipping the general body meetings and cabinet meetings as well. Even for the CM’s special meet in Vizag, this Anakapalli leader almost gave a skip but the CM immediately responded to this issue.

He not only called to Ganta and declared that he has nothing to do with this survey, he also sent his deputy Chinarajappa to pacify him. Finally, the relaxed Ganta met the CM at the Vizag airport and cleared the things.It came to know that the TDP head asked Ganta to meet him again for a special meeting in Vizag in the upcoming days. According to CBN, media always releases these surveys and there existed surveys from the same ABN against him in the past. Whatever might be the reason, CBN is intelligent enough to keep his cadre intact.

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