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HomelatestCentre’s New Strategy With UCs To Defame AP:

Centre’s New Strategy With UCs To Defame AP:

Centre New Strategy With UCs To Defame AP

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Amit Shah lead BJP is indirectly locking its horns with AP state in all the ways it can. After failing to make TDP stay within NDA, the Centre is trying to tense AP Government in order to gain control over the state.

The Central Government took the state of AP for granted and cheated terribly by failing to implement AP Bifurcation Act promises. After feeling the wrath of Andhra people and leaders, it tried to cool down the situation. As the TDP camp is not in a mood to come to terms with BJP, Amit Shah has started his plan B, which is indirectly making the state suffer. In his recent interview, Amit Shah alleged that AP and its Government has completely utilized the funds given by the Central Government. Also, he dared to declare that AP is fearing to apply for the Utilisation Certificates as the Centre will know the real expenses of the state.

But in reality, the State Government is trying to revert back the new strategy of Centre. Presenting all the approved Utilisation Certificates issued by the Centre, it cleared that the State did utilize almost 950 crores in the development of Amaravathi. To everyone’s shock, the new applications sent to the Centre for getting Utilisation Certificates are intentionally getting delayed in Central Government Offices with a strong motive. It is very evident that Centre is delaying these files in order to play the blame game. If the Centre continuous its strategies, then the AP Politicians too will start their tactics at the ballot box.

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