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chaitanya,kalyan shocking comment on Niharika post

Hyderabad, April 7,(Telugu Bullet)  Niharika married Chaitanya Last year on December 9. Niharika acted in several films and also performed so many shows. Currently, Niha and chaitu enjoying marriage life. she started a new journey and new carrier. Recently gave the green signal to a web series after her marriage. she acting in her first web series.

Niharika took a photoshoot, shared photos on Instagram. However, it is a privilege to type this post entirely in Telugu. after few minutes his husband made the comment ”Pink eyes make two thorns Piercing into the heart”. later Kalyan dev post the comment ”Neha, I don’t know if you can write Telugu so well”.

Now Niha photo, Chaitanya, and Kalyan comment trending on Instagram.

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