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Chanakya Triple Filter Test

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Chanakya Triple Filter Test: Once a friend came to Chanakya and told that “do you know I heard a news about your friend” in a enthusiasts tone. But Chanakya stopped him and told “before you tell about my friend let’s filter that is ‘Triple Filter Test’ about the matter which you are going to say” and started.

1st Filter: ‘Truth‘ – “Do you really know the truth about my friend which you are going to say to me…?” Chanakya asked.

“No, someone talking and I heard about it” the Chanakya friend said.
“So, you don’t know the real truth it seems” Chanakya said.

2nd Filter: ‘Good‘ – “Is it the good thing you are going to say about my friend…?” Chanakya asked.

“No” Chanakya friend said.
“So, you are going to say the bad thing about my friend, that too you are not sure about it” Chanakya said.

3rd Filter: ‘Useful‘ – “Is it useful to you the matter you are going to say to me…?” Chanakya asked.

“No” Chanakya friend said.
“So, why you are saying to me as it is no truth, good and useful matter…?” Chanakya said.

Moral of the story: There are many people who gossip about us and our beloved ones. So before listening to their gossips please think about these Triple Filter Test and save your relationships with our beloved ones.
Siripurapu Sridhar

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