CBN Advised His Leaders To Be Careful With The Centre

CBN stated that the two parties BJP

At one side the parties TRS and BJP are seeming to be joining hands in Telangana. And on the flip side, the Center is trying hard to trouble CBN and his AP TDP leaders with old cases like Cash for Vote cases etc. Amidst all these situations, the TDP National head CBN woke up and cautioned his camp regarding the upcoming challenges.

TRS only for the sake of healthy

In his meeting with the TDP leaders, CBN stated that the two parties BJP and TRS are all set to form an alliance in order to gain an advantage on the early polls. Babu confessed that he wanted to work together with the TRS only for the sake of healthy relationships between the two Telugu States but TRS has another ploy. According to the AP CM, Both KCR and Centre got their mission clear to dethrone Babu in Andhra Pradesh. Their plan is to conquer Telangana in the early polls and affect TDP’s chances of winning in AP General elections which will be held later to the snap polls of Telangana. On this note, CBN warned his leaders to take more care on all the actions they do as the Centre is keen on troubling any TDP leader with cases.

CBN’s meeting more or less explained

CBN’s meeting more or less explained that he is feeling some pressure from the Center. After coming out of NDA alliance, TDP and BJP are swinging swords at each other. In this regard, CBN wants to regain power yet again and want to make UPA Sarkar win at the Centre by removing Modi for all the damage he is doing for the Andhra Pradesh.


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