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HomelatestCBN’s New Speech Getting Trolled For Tongue Slip:

CBN’s New Speech Getting Trolled For Tongue Slip:

Chandrababu Naidu Trolled Speech Getting  For Tongue Slip

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After breaking out of the alliance, the TDP National head Chandrababu Naidu is going restless over the Centre. His recent speech on Centre has not only became a discussion point among the political circles but also getting ridiculed by his rivals.

The so-called TDP Prince Nara Lokesh is very famous for his tongue slips. His speeches are often trolled on the social networking sites for his incapability and inability of delivering a clear speech. With having 40 years of experience in Politics, it is his father CBN’s turn to have his space in trolling sites. In his latest speech against the Centre, CBN lashes out at the Union Government for ditching Andhra Pradesh. He failed to control his tongue by stating that he would fight against the Centre until AP achieves ‘Injustice’. On the same note, he went further and declared that the Centre is not giving any value to the senior most Politician in the history of Andhra Pradesh.

Within minutes, his ‘Injustice’ phrase went on like wildfire on the internet. In spite of uttering Justice for AP, his Injustice word is ridiculed by many by saying that he need not fight against the Centre for Injustice as he already achieved it is the CM of the state. Also, his rival politicians question if he really is the senior most politician of AP. They ask the AP CM to check the history before claiming big words under his name. Orators like Undavalli Arun Kumar is one of the politicians who made fun of CBN by making a small video byte stating the list of senior most politicians than CBN in AP.

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