Vishwambhara Update | Filming Starts in Hyderabad with Mega Star


Mega power! Chiranjeevi and Trisha Krishnan are back together on the big screen in a new movie called “Vishwambhara.” This fantasy film is being directed by Vassishta Mallidi who just started filming its latest scenes in Hyderabad. The Vishwambhara update is that these scenes feature the lead actors Chiranjeevi and Trisha in some key moments of the story.

The movie also boasts a great supporting cast, including actresses Surbhi, Ramya Pasupaleti, Esha Chawla, and Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri. With strong backing from UV Creations and the award-winning music of MM Keeravaani, “Vishwambhara” has all the makings of a major hit.

Mark your calendars for the big release on January 10, 2025! This exciting combination of star power, story, and music is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences. We’ll keep you posted with more Vishwambhara updates as they come!


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