T-Congress Retrospects To Win Lok Sabha Elections

Congress Dumps Alliance To Go Solo In Telangana Contest All Lok Sabha seats

The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee has come out of the humiliation in the happened snap polls. Its new mission is to conquer as many Lok Sabha seats as it can.The TPCC headed by Uttam Kumar Reddy is organizing continuous meets with the important leaders of the party. He along with some senior analysts are jotting down all the mistakes of the party did in the early polls. At the same time, it is comparing the election strategy versus its rival TRS’s election campaign. Along with stunning schemes of KCR, depositing money exactly a couple of day prior to the polls worked wonders for TRS party and such things have brought to the notice.

So the TPCC is keen on having a word with its Chief Rahul Gandhi tp achieve as many benefit schemes as it can to outshine TRS in the upcoming Parliament elections. According to the inside sources, Telangana Congress along with the AP wing is counting on the burning problems of voters. If they can touch the common man’s heart with unique schemes, then they can bounce back again in the States of AP and Telangana.For now, they are all set to go and meet their head Rahul Gandhi in the new capital to bring him again for the campaigning. In Telangana, they might not make a difference but in AP, they still have a weapon of Special Category Status to win some votes.


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