Congress Releases ‘Charge Sheet’ Exposing BJP: Alleged Anti-Reservations Agenda


Accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of plotting to eliminate SC, ST, and OBC reservations, Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy asserted that the saffron party’s 400-seat slogan concealed an agenda aimed at abolishing these reservations.

Highlighting the constitutional protection for SC and ST reservations and the court’s approval for increasing OBC reservations, Reddy denounced the BJP’s attempts to implement the RSS agenda, which sought to abolish reservations. He made these remarks while unveiling a “charge sheet” against the BJP at Gandhi Bhavan.

AICC Telangana in-charge Deepadas Munshi and Ministers were present at the event. Reddy emphasized the BJP’s past implementation of RSS agenda items such as triple talaq, Article 370, demonetization, the Uniform Civil Code, and the Citizenship Amendment Act. He warned that the RSS aimed to abolish reservations by 2025 and claimed that the BJP coined the “Ab ki bar 400 par” slogan to secure a two-thirds majority in parliament for scrapping SC, ST, and OBC reservations.

Reddy urged SC, ST, and OBC community members to be vigilant, cautioning that every vote for the BJP would support scrapping the reservations provided by the Congress. He reiterated Rahul Gandhi’s pledge that a Congress government would conduct a comprehensive assessment of the nation and conduct a backward class census to adjust reservations accordingly.

Describing the elections as a battle between reservation supporters and opponents, Reddy criticized the BJP for introducing anti-farmer laws and demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s apology to the farming community in parliament. He lamented the rising prices of essential commodities, attributing them to the BJP’s imposition of GST on various sectors, including handlooms and MSMEs.

Reddy accused the BJP government of burdening the nation with a financial liability of Rs. 168 lakh crore and increasing debts by Rs. 113 lakh crore in the last decade. He alleged that assets generated by the Congress government were being handed over to corporates by the BJP administration.


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