Countdown to Release: Vaishnav Tej’s ‘Aadikeshava’ on big screen


Next Friday (November 24), the film “Aadikeshava,” starring mega hero Vaishnav Tej, is finally hitting the cinemas after multiple postponements. Surprisingly, the release of the film’s trailer was also delayed due to technical issues, and despite being backed by Sithara Entertainment and featuring the popular Sreeleela as the lead, the movie lacks positive pre-release buzz.

In today’s cinema landscape, having superhit songs is crucial for generating excitement before a film’s release. However, the tunes composed by GV Prakash for “Aadikeshava” haven’t created the desired impact. With just a week until the release, the film needs a substantial buzz to attract decent audience turnout on opening day.

The key to creating this buzz could lie in the hands of the producer, Naga Vamsi. His impactful speeches at pre-release media events for movies like “DJ Tillu” and his memorable actions, such as giving back tickets at the ‘Mad’ movie event, have consistently generated significant attention for the films. If Naga Vamsi can replicate such magic for “Aadikeshava,” the film may receive the attention it needs. It remains to be seen what strategy Naga Vamsi will employ this time.


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