Creators on social media are earn 41,000/- a month


Digital content creators on social media

Over 10 lakh Indian digital content creators on social media are earning 41,000\- a month each in the next three years, a report revealed on Friday. The annualized growth rate for India is over 115 percent for individual creators as compared to the global growth rate of 18 percent, according to the report by creator economy startup Animeta on ‘International Creators Day’. In three years, 10 lakh creators in India would have at least 100,000 subscribers/followers, growing at 37 percent at an annualized level, which will allow them to have a steady digital income at par with a decent-paying full-time job.

Currently, more than 3,500 brands and over 5,000 creator partners in India are actively engaged in digital creator-driven branded content. Over 20,000 branded content pieces have generated over half a billion engagements. “All signs are pointing towards the trend that the Indian creator economy will become the most significant growth contributor to the global creator economy in the next couple of years,” said Devdatta Potnis, CEO, of Animeta.

Singapore-based Animeta focuses on creating and nurturing digital creators by helping them grow their communities and maximize their earnings across multiple social media platforms and customized brand solutions. “Sponsored content space is getting more organized and performance marketing metrics usage are on the rise in a cost-conscious market, where the rules of business and marketing are getting rewritten overnight,” said Krishna Desai, CPO and Data Scientist, Animeta.

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