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‘Dangal’ fame Zaira Wasim harassed during her flight to Mumbai

‘Dangal’ fame Zaira Wasim harassed  

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‘Dangal’ fame, the 17-year-old actress, Zaira Wasim stated that she had a terrifying experience during her flight from Delhi to Mumbai in Air Vistara. The actress shared a video on Instagram in which she had a teary-eye explaining about the harassment she faced during her flight.

‘A middle-aged man sitting behind me tried to molest. He was caressing my neck while I was in sleep. I tried to record his act. But failed due to the dim lights in the flight. I managed to get an image of his acts someway,’ said the actress in her Instagram video.

Zaira Wasim further said, ‘I tried to reach out to the cabin crew for help, but it turned out to be of no use.’

Zaira was also seen arguing with the cabin crew stating, ‘I am disturbed. This is not done. Is this how you [Air Vistara] take care of girl’s’?

She ended the video by stating that, ‘Who is going to help our girls? If we don’t help ourselves no one will come to help us’.

Meanwhile, Air Vistara tweeted the Zaira Wasim stating that ‘thorough investigation will be carried out into the incident, and will support you [Zaira Wasim] in every way required’.

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