Debina Bonnerjee on using social media influencer status to aid budding fashion labels


TV star Actress Debina Bonnerjee is also a social media influencer, and she uses her YouTube channel Debina Decodes to talk about beauty and lifestyle among other things. Lately, she has also taken the initiative to help homegrown and budding fashion labels reach out to a wider audience amidst the pandemic.

“I am a graduate in communication, and my specialization is in advertising and visualization. So, writing creative content and visuals is a part of my education. I never planned to become an actress but, yes, I was into modeling as a teenager. It is great the way my career panned out. But acting does not allow me to explore my skill in creative content, writing, visualization — everything that I learned in the classroom. I thought why not make people aware of what goes behind our glowing skin, good hair, and how living an organic lifestyle is important. Here, I am not selling a product but the idea of living a healthy life,” Debina told in an interview.

“With the global pandemic, we all know how living a healthy life is important. Also, I have an interest in such things. I read a lot of books, take online classes and when I feel I have ample knowledge to share, I do. These days, I am taking classes on facial yoga,” shared the actress.

Lately, Debina also has taken an initiative to help homegrown and budding fashion designers reach out to a wider audience.

“The idea is to bring the consumers and fashion designers together. There are new, budding, homegrown fashion brands that are struggling to reopen the business. When a business shuts down, it is not just the owner but many employees that go jobless. So, sustaining a business is important,” Debina said.

She continued: “On the other hand, there is a section of people who are sitting at home and killing their boredom doing online shopping. So, I thought of bringing them together by using my social media platforms. I can wear those dresses, do a photoshoot, and put it on my Instagram. I will not charge for it from any designer and I will return the dress, too. Usually, social media influencers charge money for that but I think this is the time I should support these designers, instead of earning money from it. Once normalcy surfaces, we will think about commercial interests.”


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