Delhi Assembly Elections: BJP, AAP Slug It Out Over Growth


Union Home Minister Amit Shah stepped up the campaign for the upcoming Delhi elections announcing that the BJP if elected to power, would spend Rs.1 lakh crore to improve the national capital’s infrastructure. Shah criticized the Kejriwal led government for the bad condition of roads in the national capital and the poor quality of water. Though the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government claimed that it was supplying water to all colonies, the quality of water was the worst in the country, the Union Home Minister said.

Shah also claimed that the BJP government had provided ownership rights to 50 lakh residents in unauthorized colonies in Delhi. He slammed the AAP government for its adamant attitude, thereby denying the Central government’s public welfare schemes to the poor in Delhi. The Home Minister said that his mobile phone battery had gone dead as he searched in the national capital for free wi-fi which the Kejriwal government said it had provided in Delhi.

Amit Shah accused AAP and Congress of backing Shaheen Bagh protesters in Delhi demonstrating against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and inciting the Muslim community. The AAP hit back at BJP at the Home Minister with deputy chief minister remarking that he was ready to show the Union Home Minister the wi-fi hotspots in Delhi. He added sarcastically that the Delhi government provided 200 units of free power and Amit Shah could recharge his phone at any charging point. The AAP continued its emphasis on development claiming that it was a contest of local issues over national issues that were not relevant to the ground reality in Delhi.

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#takkar #siddharth #tollywood #shortvideo #youtubeshorts #telugubullet #shorts #trending #viral
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