Devarkonda is planning to work with commercial Directors


Out of the blue, a talk has come out that ‘Brochervarevaru Ra’ director Vivek Athreya has okayed his next project. As that film happens to be a super hit movie that enjoyed unique applause from all sections of the society, there are huge expectations on the filmmaker’s next film. It has come out that he is going to direct Vijay Devarakonda in his next movie.

An article in an English daily stated that the director has met Vijay Devarakonda recently and narrated a story, which has blown the minds of the sensational hero. However, sources close to the hero have revealed that he has neither met Vivek nor heard any story from him. Though these two have met, it is long back but not in recent times. How come a meeting is possible in these corona times, is what they ask.

Right now, Devarkonda is having Puri Jagan’s Fighter in hand, on which he has huge expectations. Afterwards, he will be working on director Siva Nirvana’s next movie, but hasn’t signed any other film, they say. Meanwhile, Devarkonda is also said to be planning to work with big commercial directors from now on rather sticking around fresh young directors.


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