‘Dharma-Dhamma’ concept has been voice of Indian consciousness: Prez Murmu


President Draupadi Murmu said that understanding the cause of the suffering of humanity and showing the way to remove that suffering is the specialty of humanism of the past, which has become more important in today’s era.

Murmu made this statement while addressing the gathering, including foreign delegates on the inaugural day of the seventh International Dharma-Dhamma Conference organized in Madhya Pradesh’s state capital Bhopal on Friday.

She asserted that the concept of ‘Dharma-Dhamma’ has been the basic voice of Indian consciousness.

“It is said in our tradition that the one who holds everyone, is religion. The entire humanity rests on the foundation stone of religion,” Murmu said, adding that the development of individuals and society with the spirit of friendship, compassion, and non-violence, etc. has been the main message of humanism of the East.

Murmu also said that personal conduct and social order based on morality is the practical form of earlier humanism. It has been considered the duty of every person to preserve and strengthen this system based on morality.

“Prayer has been a part of our life. This is the essence of humanism of the past and also the biggest need of today’s era,” she added.

Murmu wished that the entire world community should be benefitted from the humanism of the East.

Meanwhile, she congratulated the Madhya Pradesh government and India Foundation for organizing the ‘Dharma-Dhamma’ conference.

“In India, religion has occupied a central place in the social system and political activities since ancient times. The deep impact of ‘Dharma-Dhamma’ is clearly visible in the democratic system we adopted after independence. This is clearly reflected in our national symbols. Representatives from various countries are participating in the International Dharma-Dhamma Conference, which symbolizes the global appeal of the idea of Dharma-Dhamma,” Murmu said while addressing the inaugural session of the event.

The three-day conference under the theme ‘Eastern Humanism for the New Era’ began on Friday at Bhopal’s Kushabhau Thakre auditorium in a bid to bring together religious, political, and thought leaders from Dharma-Dhamma traditions to ponder over building a philosophical framework for the emerging new world order.


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